let me start out by saying that i used to have really terrible, AWFUL skin.

like nightmare status. a disaster. i spent thousands of dollars and hours on products and treatments and doctors and facials and research... and nothing worked. finally, i discovered through obsessive journaling of my entire life - how much i slept, how much water i drank, how much i exercised, what i put on my skin, what i ate - that i had food allergies which were manifesting as acne! if you're breaking out, there's a deeper reason for it, and it's likely internal. i recommend checking out acne face mapping to determine which part of the body is flushing toxins through the skin, and addressing these health issues first and foremost.

so, now i have clear, radiant skin thanks to proper diet and KUNDALINI YOGA. i truly feel much of the radiance in my skin is thanks to my practice, and the health and vitality it gives me.