i've been asked a lot for a post on my favorite sweaters! basically, i love soft, snuggly ones that i can pull off of one or both shoulders. it helps to get a size up, or an oversized style. here are my absolute favorites: skyline thermal from free people i have this baby in 3 [...]


here is a simple and effective energetic grid for your home. often people who don't know or care about crystals / subtle energies enter my home and say, "wow, it feels really good in here!" - amazing how powerful the effects are. WHAT YOU NEED: 5 quartz crystals (can be rose quartz or a coated [...]

the best truffle oil ever

a lot of you babes who have my eat glitter guide have been asking which truffle oil i use. SO here's the run down... most truffle oil is actually scented with lab created scents - kind of like "natural flavors" as an ingredient. if you've ever had real fresh truffles, you can tell the difference... [...]