it’s been a long time since i updated my skincare routine on here!

i still use the same key products, but have added more intensive treatments with skincare tools. i plan my skincare routine like a schedule, with a full at home “spa day” on fridays.

here’s the basic routine:

  1. CLEANSE with dermalogica special cleansing gel. i usually wash my face twice. i’ve been using this cleanser for almost 10 years now – i can’t give it up! super simple, gentle, and effective and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or stripped – just super clean. i’m committed, i buy the giant bottles, they last me about 2-3 months.

in the rare case that i wear makeup, i’ll either remove it with bioderma micellar water (blush / bronzer) OR glossier milky jelly cleanser [use my referral link and get 10% off!] (foundation / skin tint). i like to let my skin breathe – and i think part of why i’m able to maintain my skin so well is because i don’t wear face makeup often. i feel foundation especially, ages the skin – even “natural” formulas are full of synthetics, chemicals, silicones, preservatives – all of which i don’t really want floating around my lymphatic system. our skin absorbs what we put on it, and when i do wear foundation i go for a skin tint or water-y formula, and mix it with my own moisturizer.


first, i always use my glossier super pure [use my referral link and get 10% off!]- it keeps my skin balanced, even-toned, and free from breakouts. if i do get a blemish, this serum helps it heal quickly – especially any redness or irritation. i buy 2 or 3 at a time, keep a separate one in my overnight bag, i CAN NOT be without this – it’s that good.

at night, or if i’m feeling a little dry in the morning (or wanna be extra glowy), i use timeless vitamin c serum. i’m obsessed with the plastic pump bottle for longevity… and that i can’t break it. LOL. i’ve tried a lot of different vitamin c serums, it’s one of those categories that the ingredients can freak me out! i’ve gotten the best results from this one by far. it definitely gives me glowy “glass skin” and it’s really well-priced.


i still use my trusty snail cream! it’s super simple and gentle, and gives you a little glow. i don’t like heavy creams, and this one is perfect – heals the skin, mixes well with makeup or other products. if i need more moisture, i will add a second layer with aquaphor or cerave healing ointment mixed in (usually at night). i love the little minis – i keep them in my purse, overnight bag, etc and use them for pretty much everything. i’ve been looking for a good oil to mix in, been eyeing the feelist – let me know if you have any recs!


i use laniege sleeping eye mask, day and night. i’m super picky about eye creams, don’t like anything heavy. LOVE this one and have been using it for a couple years now! it’s super light and hydrating, and won’t give you milia.


for blemishes, i always use PRID. it’s a homeopathic drawing salve and helps with everything from reducing / eliminating redness, healing cuts and bruises, blackheads, ingrown hairs, and CYSTIC ACNE. if i catch a cyst or pimple early, i can get it to disappear overnight. i use a thin layer, over my super pure serum, but before anything else – day or night.

now here’s where it gets good.

i do extra treatments twice a week, usually tuesdays and fridays (my big “spa day”) and sundays.


i use the sonya dakar flash facial – a one minute facial. it’s AMAZING. you lean over the sink and massage the gel into your face for about a minute, and dead skin starts to come off in rolled clumps… it’s a little gross but SO WORTH IT.

if you buy one product i recommend, it should be this. make sure your face is clean and dry before you use it, then cleanse with cold water. and voila, it looks like you just had a facial!

afterwards, i’ll use a gentle clay mask – mask of magnaminty. really basic i know, but it’s great and i’ve been using it for years.

then, i’ll use my nuface fix with royal conductive gel on my eyes, lips, jawline, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, etc.

i like the tiny microcurrent tool for really sculpting my face, and targeting areas that a bigger device can’t. i feel like it helps a lot with contour, definition, and lymphatic drainage. it helps erase fine lines and is a great alternative to filler!

my FANCY SPA DAY… FRIDAY is venus day, i decided a couple years ago that fridays are “my” day. i do an at-home facial and get a thai massage at my secret spot, or mani pedi or whatever feels right! i’m really weird about people touching my face and have a hard time getting professional facials, i feel like i’ve mastered this LOL. here’s what i do:


yes, i shave my entire face. game-changer – trust! this helps my products penetrate better, and makes my skin look more “perfect” – smoother, brighter, more glowy… your face just looks better without all those baby hairs. these scalpels are my favorite, but they are definitely for EXPERTS ONLY. i have years of practice under my belt and still occasionally cut myself. if you’re not an expert at it yet, please use these shiseido ones. most of the cheapy ones, or electronic ones break me out – so beware! before shaving, i wet my face in sections with bioderma micellar water. this helps the blade run smoothly so you don’t cut yourself or take off the top layers of skin.

2. flash facial as discussed above.

3. exfoliating clay mask – i will either use the kora organics turmeric mask or the sonya dakkar rose gold mask depending on what my skin needs. both are a little tricky to wash off, so i make sure to double cleanse with the special cleansing gel.

4. microcurrent! i like to use my ZIIP device on a longer program. it’s great for lymphatic drainage, “working out” the skin muscles, toning, depuffing, and even helps with any breakouts (active, or on the way). my face looks and feels refreshed, and i swear it gives me a little energy surge and wakes up my brain. the ZIIP works both immediately, and over time. i don’t use the gold conductive gel that came with my ZIIP – it actually broke me out, and has ingredients i don’t want to put on my skin. instead i use this simple royal conductive gel.

i’ve been using it 1-3 times a week for the last few months and i notice a difference. i’m sure i would notice more of a difference if i were more dilligent, but for now this is what works for me. then i will use my nuface fix on my eyes, lips, nasolabial folds – any areas i really want to specifically target.

5. PLASMA!!! so, i got a plamere plasma pen. it comes with a few different attachments – everything from needles that burn your skin (i don’t recommend using this if you’re not professionally trained) to a toning ball and flat head. i apply serum – usually the lara devgan hylauronic acid – and use the flat head and toning ball to really pack it into the skin. the plasma pen is a radio frequency device, that sends a current to the lower layers of the skin. over the last few months, it has really plumped up my skin, improved elasticity, tightened, balanced tone, decreased pore size, etc. i feel like i have gotten similar results from professional IPL photo facials, and after i use it, i look like i’ve gotten a little filler to smooth everything out. i don’t use this every week, usually twice a month. there are way more affordable radio frequency devices available, that you can use more often, so definitely do some research if its something you’re curious about!

6. my final step is DERMAROLLING. my skin will be red after, so i do this before bed.

i first apply the lara devgan hylauronic acid, and then dermaroll with this kit from amazon. i roll in small sections – first vertically over the whole face, then horizontally. i use 5 complete rolls (up & down, or side-side) for each pass. i use the big roller for my neck, and the tiny one for my eyes (CAREFUL!!) and lips.

afterwards, i use the lara devgan vitamin c serum. i got the little mini bottles of each serum and really only use them for weekly facial treatments. for me, they’re not worth the cost for daily use, but for weekly treatments – they’re great.

when i wake up in the morning, my skin looks resurfaced, poreless, glowy – obsessed!

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