i’ve been asked a lot for a post on my favorite sweaters! basically, i love soft, snuggly ones that i can pull off of one or both shoulders.

it helps to get a size up, or an oversized style.

here are my absolute favorites:


skyline thermal from free people

i have this baby in 3 colors, a couple in each color. i’m that obsessed. i wear them for kundalini, sleep, hanging out at home, or going out… they’re perfect.


zara chenille batwing sweater

i have this one in pink. i got a size up so it’s oversized. i let it fall off one shoulder, and wear a cute bra or tank underneath.


cheap amazon sweater!!

love this one for kundalini yoga class. it’s soft and fits well, and i actually get a lot of compliments on it. can’t beat it for $10 on amazon

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