here is a simple and effective energetic grid for your home. often people who don’t know or care about crystals / subtle energies enter my home and say, “wow, it feels really good in here!” – amazing how powerful the effects are.


5 quartz crystals (can be rose quartz or a coated quartz like angel aura, but must be quartz)

epsom salt

an oven safe bowl / dish


isopropyl alcohol

1. drop a pinch of salt in each corner of your home and open a window.

2. place a mound of epsom salt in a bowl, then drop some isopropyl alcohol on top of the mound. light it so it has a pretty blue flame.

3. carrying the flame, walk around your home starting from one corner, to all the other corners counter-clockwise. do this 3 times. if the flame goes out just relight it. close the window and light incense.

4. following your intuition, place 1 quartz stone in each corner of your home. imagine the 4 corners as 4 angels – truth, love, abundance, & healing. pick each corner for the angel that feels right to you. place one crystal in the center of your home – this crystal will be “balance”. place the remaining crystals in each corner.

5. make a medicine wheel with your intuition. in the middle somewhere,in your minds eye, ask the crystals to do work, ask them from mother earth (and thank her for them, for helping you do this work), depending on where you have placed them (which word / angel). starting from the center (balance), imagine a beautiful silver chord shooting up, and then down to the first corner, then back to the center, creating a triangle. do this with each corner so that you have a 4 sided pyramid of crystals over your home.

6. place votive candles in each corner and light them (let them burn themselves out eventually). take your jupiter and saturn fingers (first + middle) and make pentagrams (point up) in the air over each candle. finally, make a pentagram above your front door in your minds eye.


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