so it’s no secret that antibiotics are terrible for us. they wreak havoc on our digestive system, mess with our environment, and actually encourage more dangerous, resistant bacteria. i refuse to take antibiotics – and instead have found some amazing natural remedies for things like UTI’s and gynecological situations. these cures have proven more gentle, yet more effective for me personally, so i have to pass them on to you!


1000 mg of d-mannose every hour, with a full glass of water mixed with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. i’ve been known to cure a UTI within 6 hours following this.



you can buy pre-made capsules (they get expensive) OR make them yourself with boric acid and vegetarian capsules.

i prefer to DIY – that way i’m also prepared if i have my period, and i can just dip a tampon in the powder.


turmeric tea – i like to boil fresh root for 8 minutes and add manuka honey

coconut cbd oil – i love this brand, ojai energetics. i put it on a tampon and use it internally, and also cook with it or add it to a smoothie or tea. it doesn’t make you feel high (i HATE feeling that way) and works quickly to ease pain. i also use it topically on my breasts, which get super sore along my cycle.

what are your favorite remedies for feminine issues?

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