peeling off the layers of perception is something i’ve been experiencing thanks to my own mediation practice, and i’m starting to notice it in my friends as well.

i was talking with a friend, and she’s on the brink of peeling off the layers for herself. she’s in the middle of it right now – and consciously decided that she needs to take a break and re-group. i love how everyone we encounter is a mirror – some aspect of ourselves that needs to be addressed or healed, or to remind us to keep going on our path. often when we experience things, we attract those experiencing the same, as well as those who have the wisdom of experience to help us through.

there exist in this reality all these layers of perception – how others perceive us, how we perceive ourselves through the eyes of our environments and belief systems… we collect them  on a subconscious level… and layer ourselves with these subconscious thought patterns that aren’t really ours. it’s no secret that being around depressed people can be depressing, for example. these subconscious thought patterns we collect from our environments are merely projections – projections by others, internalized projections of ourselves in response to the ways we’re born and bred. as empaths, many of not only experience our own projections, but also soak up the energies of other peoples’ problems.

whether it’s anger / depression / numbness… how you internalize interactions with a friend, accepting someone else’s criticisms of you as a true part of yourself, or comparing yourself to another… or even a simple habit of refusing yourself something you truly need emotionally and physically, like procrastinating and missing yoga class, eating junk food, not drinking enough water, making excuses, “not having enough time” to whatever… it’s like hearing yourself talk, but having no connection with the person who is speaking.

you might not see them at first glance – but these layers become apparent when you start to deconstruct them. we have to consciously peel these layers of perception in order to find a depth of truth within – to acknowledge these subconscious patterns, break them up, and release them – so we can make space and download new, healthy ones.

i’ve been exploring this cycle of evolution in my kundalini practice. and it literally feels like a weight being lifted off my shoulders every time i peel another layer! because energetically, that’s exactly what you’re doing. you’re releasing the heavier subconscious thought patterns that no longer serve… to make room for new ones. something i love about kundalini is the ability it gives you to encounter a subconscious thought pattern, break it up, release it, and download a new pattern – one that better aligns with your highest good. it truly is a technology, and for me it’s been the fastest, healthiest, and most sound way to improve my life.

consciously practicing this cycle of evolution has encouraged me to simultaneously experience a lightness of being, and a deep strength, a connected depth in truth of self-knowing.

so how do you do this?

make a plan. to let go of these layers which no longer serve you. to re-discover the depths of you. to build yourself up so strong that any environment you’re in, you can walk with this depth.

for me, this plan included a 3 day detox diet of primarily carrots and targeted kundalini kriyas.

the kriyas i picked for these 3 days are:

“experiencing the original you”

“accessing the source of strength in you”

“bound lotus”

and a great lecture: “you are you. enjoy it”

i started my practice by reading this excerpt of a lecture by yogi bhajan. it explains these layers and encouraged me to transcend them.

a key quote i love from it:

Why won’t you be as God made you to be? Why won’t you just go and be who you are? Why not recognize your reality rather than pretend and project differently than you are?

THE CARROT FAST: i was guided in meditation to do a carrot fast for 72 hours. to encourage the depth of me. yes… for 72 hours, i ate primarily carrots. it sounded a little weird but i just went with it! my teacher always says that it takes 72 hours to have a shift in consciousness – all of your cells change. if you’re about to make a rash decision, sit on it for 72 hours and see how you feel – because you will likely change your mind. everything will feel different.

i did a little research first. yogi bhajan explains in his book, “foods for health and healing“:

“Earth foods are those which grow below the ground. They absorb great energy from the earth, but they only absorb sun energy indirectly. Foods from this group, like onions, garlic and ginger, are primarily used for their healing properties. Also, since these foods grow closest to the earth, they can give you great energy when you have a lot of worldly business or hard work to accomplish… Because these foods are so rich in “earth energy/’ they are often prescribed for people who are relatively deficient in this type of energy. Typically, these are small-boned people, people with tall, thin frames, and those with nervous or agitated dispositions. The proportion of earth foods in our diets should normally be increased in the winter and in colder climates.

root vegetables are grounding – something i personally need a lot of – i’m always in my own little world / up in the ethers. it made sense to me that in order to connect with the depth of me, i would need to connect deeply with the earth, and with this reality in which i’m currently focused.

on day two of my carrot fast, my friend explained that she had been slacking on keeping dairy out of her diet, and that since slacking, she’d been sad / emotional / depressed. to which i replied, “it really affects our emotions… especially synthetic hormones and that primal sustenance from mother to child… meant for another creature… okay clearly these carrots are getting me really deep. lmao”. my first reaction was to go deep – pretty cool to see the quick, direct effects of using food as medicine on a spiritual quest. this time, it was about being able to clearly see the depth and truth of just about anything in front of me – being able to instantly peel through all of the layers to get to the heart of the matter. (now that i think about it… artichoke hearts would be a good food to use as well!)

it’s amazing to me how something as simple as food can elevate you spiritually – it’s a huge part of the bigger process. if you wanna stay where you are, keep eating what you’re eating. but if you want to expand beyond that, take a look at what you’re consuming. from food, to media, to the subtle energies of the people and environments you surround yourself with.

more practically, after my carrot fast, i felt the following:

  • deeper connection with the earth / this reality and my surroundings, grounded
  • heightened ability to see through to the truth of situations that came my way
  • my first response to everything was to speak from a place of depth
  • a deep sense of calmness, and presence within my own body (i’m usually “in my own little world” – and root vegetables are important for me to feel like i’m actually present in this body, on this earth)
  • friends reaching out to me, experiencing a similar need to peel the layers and seeking guidance

seeing major results and shifts in consciousness within 72 hours makes me even more confident in my practices of kundalini and using food as medicine. when combined for a specific purpose, the effects proved even more profound. this experience has encouraged me to become even more intentional and conscious about what i consume and how it affects my meditation practice.

i certainly have a new-found appreciation for carrots. i’ve practiced using food as medicine for years, but isolating one specific food for its metaphysical qualities for an extended period of time gave me a heightened experience with this food.

*please note that i did use spices, herbs, and onion & garlic to flavor my carrot meals for variety. i felt totally fine throughout the process and didn’t really crave anything else… i actually craved more carrots.

*this carrot fast is something i was guided to try in meditation – it by no means is the only way to have this sort of experience or learn this sort of lesson. if trying it calls to you, then cool! but if you’re looking for this type of experience, i recommend meditating on it yourself and choosing the best way for you.

i’m excited to try another mono-diet in combination with a specific meditation regimen. if any of you have tried a mono-diet, i’d love to hear about your experiences as relates to spirituality! if you have any questions, i’m also happy to share.


    1. sure! here’s a few aside from more obvious carrot sautés or raw carrots:
      CARROT LOX – steamed carrots marinated in liquid smoke, chilled
      CARROT CRACKERS – carrots blended with dehydrated onion, garlic, pepper – cooked in oven until crisp

      CARROT GRANOLA – carrots, cinnamon, turmeric blended & cooked in oven until crisp
      CARROT STEW – carrots, paprika, (onion, garlic in strainer in the pot for flavor) – stove cooked for about an hour


  1. Even though this blog has just recently emerged, I absolutely adore it. I check back daily to see what information you share!

    Could you perhaps do a post on astral projection/ travel?


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