people usually think i have eyelash extensions. truth is, i’m blessed with long eyelashes and a routine that keeps them lush & growing quickly.


i use double lash and castor oil (this brand only!) at night to help with growth and conditioning. i add a little castor oil to the double lash bottle – but you can also fill one of these empty eyeliner tubes with castor oil and just use that!


before applying mascara, i wet a washcloth with hot water and use it as a compress on my lashes for about a minute. for me, it works better than a lash curler and doesn’t destroy my lashes in the process.

also, i use 28 day mascara every couple weeks. not only does it tint your lashes, it makes them hold up better. it’s hard to articulate exactly how it works, but they look longer, more full, and hold mascara better.


i’ve been using this mascara for 15 years, and am always disappointed when i try out something else. nothing lives up to this mascara! i apply one coat, let it dry a little, then apply probably 100 more coats. it never gets clumpy or weird. love love love.

another little secret – when yours gets old and dry, keep that bottle to use as your primer when you get a new one! then you don’t have to wait for your first coat to dry.


as far as my brows go… i’m currently 2 months into growing them out. that means NO plucking whatsoever. plucking at all screws up the growth process. it’s hard, but i know long-term it will totally be worth it. in the mean time, i use the following:


castor oil at night to help with growth & conditioning. i love this brand since it’s pure organic castor oil, cold-pressed, and doesn’t smell terrible. other brands i’ve tried either smell awful or are full of preservatives that are awful for your skin and don’t work for growth. i also love this little mascara tube set to fill with the oil so it’s easier  to apply and travel with.

rapid brow as brow gel during the day. i’ve noticed results in 2 weeks, with more full results around 6-8 weeks. i try to take a 2 week break every couple months since i find this gives me better long-term results.

if you absolutely HAVE to get rid of some wild hairs, i recommend shaving them with a derma blade. these ones are super tiny and work great for cutting single hairs. be careful with these guys, since there is a learning curve and they’re super sharp.


again… castor oil!

i flip my head upside down, and massage the oil into my scalp for 4 minutes before a shower. this also helps prevent and reverse greying. make sure you only do this once a week – otherwise it just doesn’t have the same effectiveness. my hair actually started growing so fast using this method (about half an inch a month average to almost one inch a month average), i had to stop for a while. also, castor oil is stubborn and a bit difficult to wash out, so make sure you have a good clarifying shampoo for when you use it.


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