as someone with food allergies and a simple, clean diet, this is a question i get all the time.

as a general rule, i do believe we can get all the nutrients we need from foods alone. i used to take things like vitamin d and b12 – but stopped in the last year as i upped the amount of fruit and sunlight in my diet. i’m a firm believer that our earth provides us with everything we truly need, it’s just about consuming intuitively and intentionally.

our bodies WANT to heal, to create, to sustain. when we give our bodies and digestion the space and energy necessary, we are able to fully sustain ourselves nutritionally. to the same end, when we bog our systems down with heavy digestive processes, expending more energy on digestion, we have less energy / time / space to use for self-healing and self-sustenance.

VITAMIN D is a great example. it’s actually a brain hormone, not a vitamin. remember that hormone production begins in the gut, and sunlight helps our bodies produce vitamin d. when we consume inflammatory foods (meat, dairy, grains, acidic foods, etc) that are difficult to digest, and don’t get enough sunlight (thanks to sunscreen! and other environmental factors) we can easily run into vitamin d deficiency. ps – check out my post explaining the sunscreen scam for more info.



ormus is anti-aging, super-healing, detoxifying, and helps our DNA. as we ascend energetically, we receive energetic downloads and upgrades to our dna – while exciting, it can feel exhausting. part of why we tend to get tired around solar / lunar events! ormus helps me receive these downloads and maintain my energy levels, and it helps me get more “clear” – so i am able to fully realize each of my senses and effectively employ them in my experience. for those of us who identify as empaths, it’s a great tool to help us feel more “normal” or balanced. plus – who doesn’t want to age backwards?!

i get my ormus from a brand certified by a reiki master. i recommend doing your own research and deciding which formulation is best for you. remember that many supplements like this aren’t allowed to claim “organic”, as the certification agencies won’t touch certain supplements.


developed by emery smith (who i’m OBSESSED with), zeta xr is a neurotropic supplement that’s been super helpful for me. check out their website to learn more, but for me personally, it’s helped clear energetic blocks as well as decrease my conscious “shielding”, as my body now does it automatically. i don’t expect anyone to understand this, but bottom line it significantly helps my brain function – consciously and subconsciously.

check out zeta xr here. do your own research, and check out emery smith’s testimony – super interesting.



it’s hard to find vegan collagen. if you’re vegetarian, you’ll have to supplement with “collagen builders” instead. this actually makes more sense to me – i’d rather give my body the ability to better produce collagen on its own than try to use collagen already built by another living being. it just makes more sense to me to encourage my body’s natural abilities than take a shortcut that’s not as effective. just like the protein scam! i’m OBSESSED with this vegan collagen builder by the beauty chef. it’s bio-fermented and full of pre- and probiotics – i want anything i consume to WORK harder than i do, so i love that it’s multi-functional! plus it tastes amazing. when i take this, i notice my skin is bouncier and more glowy as quickly as the following day. it helps keep my skin clear and radiant.


when i’m breaking out, i eat a ton of lemon. like, the whole thing. throw a lemon in your smoothie / smoothie bowl, cook with the peel (i like to chop it up really fine, almost like big pieces of zest, and add to spinach, struggle mushrooms, or cauliflower rice with the raw pesto from my eatglitter guide as sauce), blend the whole thing and add a little to your water or juice… whatever you gotta do.



i’ll make a more in-depth post on cell salts sometime, but for now, i’ll just say this:

our bodies naturally produce 12 cell salts, and we go through certain ones faster depending on our astrological chart. if that’s not your thing – totally fine – but for me, it works. certain cell salts are also known to cure specific ailments (which do tend to occur to those born in specific months, as proven by Stanford researchers). personally, i have a full set of all 12 cell salts (liquid form) that i either consume or drip on my scalp / crown chakra. if you’re vegan, make sure you get lactose-free cell salts as many of the popular tablets available contain lactose.

it’s recommended to take the cell salts for your specific sun sign, as well as 2 of the surrounding signs. to figure out which ones you need to take, check out the book “the zodiac and the salts of salvation“.

you can even use cell salts as “spot treatments” – for example, if you have a headache, you’d take kali phos which is the aries cell salt, which is ruled by the head. if you’re having gynecological trouble, take the scorpio cell salt, calc sulph.

they really do work, and are even backed by some western scientific researchers, which is pretty cool considering most avoid anything homeopathic. if you’d like to learn more about cell salts, this link is a great resource.




  1. I take Pure Synergy vitamin c every day. You’re body needs to be replenished with vitamin C each day because we don’t naturally produce it, and it isn’t the easiest to acquire through “average” diet and lifestyle. Also it’s needed to produce collagen!! This brand has worked best for me in terms of noticing overall vitality, complexion, and immune boosting magic!

    Also any of FungiPerfecti’s mushroom supplements. Serious sorcery. Listen to the company’s owner, Paul Stamets on TED and Joe Rogan. Humans need to consume more mushrooms!


    1. hey julia, i do make a point to eat lots of foods high in vitamin c – and do supplement if i’m not feeling well… but vitamin c supplements mess with my menstrual cycle so i try to avoid them. i’ll check out fungi perfect – pretty cool. thank you!!


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