as a vegan with food allergies, this is a question i get all the time.

as a general rule, i do believe we can get all the nutrients we need from foods alone. however, there are a few supplements i do take to make sure i’m at my healthiest.


b12 is something i feel everyone should supplement – it just makes you feel better! those on vegan diets especially should supplement b12 – as well as those with food allergies, since we don’t absorb it the same way. i recommend liquid b12 or b12 shots for optimal absorption. i love this b12 spray and use it daily.


vitamin d is a brain hormone, and we naturally produce it when exposed to sunlight. i recommend at least 1 hour a day in the sun, as well as one of these tablets. vitamin d deficiency is prevalent today (for a lot of reasons – will write about this at some point), and those with celiacs / gluten intolerance are some of the most susceptible.


it’s hard to find vegan collagen. if you’re vegetarian, you’ll have to supplement with “collagen builders” instead. this actually makes more sense to me – i’d rather give my body the ability to better produce collagen on its own than try to use collagen already built by another living being. it just makes more sense to me to encourage my body’s natural abilities than take a shortcut that’s not as effective. i’m OBSESSED with this vegan collagen builder by the beauty chef. it’s bio-fermented and full of pre- and probiotics – i want anything i consume to WORK harder than i do, so i love that it’s multi-functional! plus it tastes amazing mixed with la croix 😉 when i take this, i notice my skin is bouncier and more glowy as quickly as the following day. it helps keep my skin clear and radiant.


i’ll make a more in-depth post on cell salts sometime, but for now, i’ll just say this:

our bodies naturally produce 12 cell salts, and we go through certain ones faster depending on our astrological chart. if that’s not your thing – totally fine – but for me, it works. certain cell salts are also known to cure specific ailments (which do tend to occur to those born in specific months), as proven by Stanford researchers. personally, i have a full set of all 12 cell salts (liquid form) that i either consume or drip on my scalp / crown chakra. if you’re vegan, make sure you get lactose-free cell salts as many of the popular tablets available contain lactose.

if you’d like to learn more about cell salts, this link is a great resource.



what sorts of supplements do you babes take, and how have they helped you? xx


  1. I take Pure Synergy vitamin c every day. You’re body needs to be replenished with vitamin C each day because we don’t naturally produce it, and it isn’t the easiest to acquire through “average” diet and lifestyle. Also it’s needed to produce collagen!! This brand has worked best for me in terms of noticing overall vitality, complexion, and immune boosting magic!

    Also any of FungiPerfecti’s mushroom supplements. Serious sorcery. Listen to the company’s owner, Paul Stamets on TED and Joe Rogan. Humans need to consume more mushrooms!


    1. hey julia, i do make a point to eat lots of foods high in vitamin c – and do supplement if i’m not feeling well… but vitamin c supplements mess with my menstrual cycle so i try to avoid them. i’ll check out fungi perfect – pretty cool. thank you!!


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