haircuts always terrified me, even as a child. it wasn’t that i was afraid of getting a bad hair cut – i just didn’t feel like myself for months after. i thought it was just some weird obsessive compulsive aspect of myself – but after getting more into spirituality, i realized it was actually good intuition.

your hair is an extension of you – namely, your intuitive powers, vital energy, and nourishment. the ends of your hairs actually grow antennae that encourage your intuition! they channel prana, solar and lunar energy, to the frontal lobe / third eye / pineal gland – the centers you use in meditation and higher levels of perception. these antennae soak up the subtle, cosmic energies for you, and they take 3 years to re-grow once they are cut. it’s said that your hair will stop growing where it’s meant to fall – there is a specific length that’s ideal for each person.

i once heard a great story that exemplifies this:

the story goes that during a war, the US got together a group of native americans who were highly proficient and accurate hunters. they tested them in various scenarios, and this group scored significantly higher than those enlisted in the military, despite not having military training. the military enlisted many in this group – cut their hair, sent them to training – and they did not perform. the military re-tested them, and they did not score nearly as high as they had prior to enlisting. when asked why they could no longer perform – the native americans explained that after a hair cut, their intuition and perception were greatly decreased, and they simply were unable to perform in the same capacity.

it’s interesting to note that when prisoners are taken captive, or people enlist in the army, one of the first things that happens is a haircut.

i read an interesting article on the independent that discusses studies that prove when the economy is doing well, shorter skirts and longer hair are in style. the opposite is also true – when the economy is tanking, our hemlines get longer and we cut out hair short. it’s no secret that our collective consciousness manifests visually, often through art and style.

SO this is all exciting and cool but how do you put this into practice? STOP CUTTING YOUR DAMN HAIR.

i maintain my prana-soaking tresses WITHOUT split ends by washing my hair in cold water, sealing the ends with sweet almond oil, using OLAPLAEX regularly, and blow-drying on cool as much as i can.

for me, letting my hair grow has improved my intuition, as well as my physical and spiritual vitality. i also notice that my hair grows longer, faster, than when i used to get it cut regularly.

for those of you who choose to test this out – i’d love to hear about your experiences!

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