the products:

function of beauty custom shampoo & conditioner


sweet almond oil

1. wash hair with function of beauty shampoo & conditioner

2. once a week olaplex.
3. blow dry in sections with a round boar bristle brush about 80% (i try to use it on cold as much as i can) put sweet almond oil in the ends, air dry the rest and sleep on it.

in the morning, i’ll gently curl my hair (tiny sections of hair, alternating directions, leaving the ends out) for messy bed-head curls!

* i use a boar bristle brush at night before bed some nights when my hair isn’t “clean”. it helps distribute the natural oils into the length of the hair.

*at the end of any warm shower i take, i finish on cold and this makes your hair shinier and bouncier. generally i take cold showers – learn more about them here!

2 thoughts on “MY HAIR ROUTINE

  1. hey, i’m wondering if you can give me hair advice!
    i have a super blonde balayage that i am trying to grow out (my natural color is close to your hair color, like a dark blonde/light brown); should i slowly lowlight it back to my color or just let it grow out? i’m so sick of how damaging the upkeep is on keeping the ends platinum blonde, but i’m also at this super awkward phase where it just looks awful and idk what to do! i’m trying to nurse my hair back to health and i don’t want to mess with it too much.


    1. personally, i would let it grow out. when i was super blonde, i let my hair grow for 6 months, then added tiny highlights to blend, then just kept going that way. now i get my hair colored a couple times a year. it’s awkward for a little but totally worth i.t for the health of your hair. olaplex will really help you get back to healthy – check out my post / interview with them! just search olaplex on my blog 💋


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