let me start out by saying that i used to have really terrible, AWFUL skin.

like nightmare status. a disaster. i spent thousands of dollars and hours on products and treatments and doctors and facials and research… and nothing worked. finally, i discovered through obsessive journaling of my entire life – how much i slept, how much water i drank, how much i exercised, what i put on my skin, what i ate – that i had food allergies which were manifesting as acne! if you’re breaking out, there’s a deeper reason for it, and it’s likely internal. i recommend checking out acne face mapping to determine which part of the body is flushing toxins through the skin, and addressing these health issues first and foremost.

so, now i have clear, radiant skin thanks to proper diet and KUNDALINI YOGA. i truly feel much of the radiance in my skin is thanks to my practice, and the health and vitality it gives me.

as far as my actual routine goes…

truth is, i’m lazy. and i hate putting things on my face.

i do try to stay natural, and i don’t like wearing makeup – i prefer to focus on skincare. i keep my routine fairly minimalist and low-maintenance.


  1. massage jan marini bioglycolic cleanser into dry skin. i used to be terrified of exfoliants – and i try my best to only use chemical ones, as opposed to physical exfoliants. this cleanser is mild, but must be used on dry skin as the ph of water will negate its effects. it keeps my skin clear, glowy, and increases collagen production and cell renewal, so it’s great for anti-aging. PLEASE NOTE: if you’ve never successfully tried an AHA exfoliant, you WILL purge for a few weeks after you first start using this. it’s important to ease slowly into daily use to minimize peeling. (the results are totally worth a few weeks of skin drama).
  2. apply glossier super pure serum. this keeps my skin clear, heals redness / inflammation, and has been truly holy grail for me. when i first got it, i had broken out – after one week of use, my skin was back to perfect, when it normally would have taken twice as long.
  3. apply vitamin c serum. in the morning, i use amara organics vitamin c, and at night i use asterwood naturals vitamin c serum the asterwood naturals serum is a bit thicker, and also has anti-aging properties. vitamin c keeps my skin looking bright, and helps fade and heal any discoloration and blemishes. when i first introduced vitamin c, i noticed a huge improvement in the tone, elasticity, and radiance of my skin within a couple weeks.
  4. massage cos-rx 92 snail cream into the skin. it’s cruelty free, healing, dewy, & gives you that lit-from-within glow. it’s also great to mix with foundation or skin tint to keep your skin looking natural. i’m obsessed.
  5. if i need extra moisture in the am, or will be wearing makeup, i use glossier priming moisturizer.
  6. at night, i use la roche posay cicaplast pro-recovery skincare as a barrier. this saved my skin when i was healing from bad breakouts, and made my skin look so amazing that i still use it. i originally found it in a pharmacy at the zurich airport when my skin was freaking out from international travel. it’s antibacterial, soothes redness, calms irritation, fades scars / pigmentation, and i keep one with me in my purse so i always have it. it’s my secret weapon! ***i haven’t been able to find it in the us, so i order a few at a time online. when you’re searching, make sure to get the “pro-recovery skincare” – NOT the “baume” – totally different products!



dermablade once a week. yes, i shave my entire face. this helps my products penetrate better, and makes my skin look more “perfect” – smoother, brighter, more glowy… your face just looks better without all those baby hairs. these shiseido razors are my favorite, and i personally wouldn’t recommend using anything else. game-changer – trust!

dermalogica special cleansing gel in the shower or to remove makeup. if i’ve just had a facial or used an exfoliating mask, i’ll use this instead of the bioglycolic as a more gentle cleanser.

micellar water for a refresh, and to remove makeup.

i get a facial once a month from NICOLE HIRSCHMAN in santa monica. i’ve seen a bunch of fancy facialists / dermatologists and just never get the same results as i do from nicole. 310.528.0147 – tell her i sent you 🙂


“don’t mess with your face” is the best policy. be gentle! it’s your FACE!!!

when i get a blemish, i spot treat with weleda calendula diaper rash cream. yeah, diaper rash cream. it’s full of zinc and calming essential oils which help the skin heal from redness and inflammation. you can spot treat or even use it as a mask – just make sure to fully remove since it’s a bit stubborn.

before bed, i GENTLY lance an inflamed pimple, then apply a hydrocolloid patch (before applying moisturizer to the rest of my face). these are basically magic bandaids. they will clear up and heal your pimple usually overnight, with no lasting redness or dry patches.

when i accidentally consume something i’m allergic to, i know i’m due for cystic acne. i’ve found i can stop a cyst in its tracks, usually overnight, with PRID drawing salve. at night, i’ll use a good amount and cover with a hydrocolloid patch. during the day, i’ll use a thin layer as spot treatment.


comfortzone exfoliation mask – this is the fanciest product i use. once a week, you only need a tiny bit.

lush mask of magna minty – once a week, i mix it with water so it’s not too thick. i use it before i shower since it’s super messy. i try to use this a few days after the exfoliating or aztec clay mask.

aztec clay mask – when i need it – usually every 2 weeks. i mix it 1:1 with bragg’s apple cider vinegar and apply with a 1″ paintbrush. leave it on for 30 minutes. you will feel your skin “pulse”, and your face will be red for an hour afterwards. it detoxifies the skin and pulls up any impurities – do a little research and you’ll find it has a cult following. this is another one i use right before a shower, since it’s messy and a bit difficult to remove.

freeman cucumber peel off mask – this cheapy drugstore mask is one of my favorites. it smells amazing and calms my skin, it’s a great little “refresh”. great to use after a harsher mask or just as a pick-me-up.



i’m really not a huge fan of makeup – i just don’t like things on my face. if i have a blemish, i’ll use concealer. if i do want to wear makeup, i go for glossier perfecting skin tint. it lets your own skin shine through, and just gives it that extra even-tone and radiance.

personally, i think your skin just looks better without makeup. often, the tendency is to want to cover everything if you’re having a bad skin day… but i’ve found that when i just cover what needs covering, and focus on my natural skin as a whole, i look and feel better.



2 thoughts on “MY SKINCARE ROUTINE

  1. i own a few of these products and just ordered the jan marini & snail cream (& also the sweet almond oil for my hair) and i am so excited for them to come in. thank you for taking the time to write these posts. they’re so helpful!


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